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Lest Dawn Fail is a Proceran war song. It honors the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who hold back Procer's many enemies, especially the Dead King and the Ratlings.


“The moon rose, midnight eye
Serenaded by the owl’s cry
In Hannoven the arrows fly
Hold the wall, lest dawn fail
No southern song for your ear
No pretty lass or merry cheer
For you only night and spear
Hold the wall, lest dawn fail
Come rats and king of dead
Legions dark, and darkly led
What is a grave if not a bed?
Hold the wall, lest dawn fail
Quell the tremor in your hand
Keep to no fear of the damned
They came ere, and yet we stand

So we’ll hold the wall,
Lest dawn fail."


The first stanza references the symbolic connection between Evil, especially the Kingdom of the Dead, and darkness. The refrain reinforces this, implying that soldiers of the Principate must always hold against invasion in case even the sun fails to support them.

The second and third stanzas focus on the sacrifices soldiers need to make in the line of duty. They talk about the comforts that soldiers miss out on in favor of a life of war. The third stanza also mentions rats, in reference to the ratling hordes, and "legions dark and darkly led", referring to the forces of the Kingdom of the Dead and possibly also to the Praesi Legions of Terror.

The fourth and final stanza encourages soldiers not to give in to fear. The words "And yet we stand" are a traditional Proceran boast, spoken in response to threats or criticism from outside forces.