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The Licerian Wars were a series of conflicts between the Miezan Empire and the Baalite Hegemony. The wars led to the fall of the Miezan empire.


Liceria was a part of the Miezan Empire[1] somewhere other than Calernia[2], likely where the war took place.

There were at least two Licerian wars.[1]

The first war occured after the Miezan's built bridges across the Blessed Isle, but before they could invade Callow[3], which was a series of petty kingdoms.[4]

The Second Licerian War fractured the empire and led to governors attempting to claim the throne.[1]


  • Catherines essay on the Licerian wars has been read by Ime and Akua Sahelian. They considered it sloppy[5] and terrible[6], respectively.