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"The walls circling the city were forty feet high, a concession to the invasions that had plagued Callow since its inception, but they were also white or pale tan stone, with ornate crenellation sculpted to look like mated pairs of swans. That was the city’s unofficial name, among Callowans: Liesse, City of Swans. The jewel of the south, never marred by war."
―Catherine Foundling[1]

Liesse was one of the most significant cities in the Kingdom of Callow, second only to Laure. Currently it's a ruin located at the intersection of three cities: Vale, Ankou and Southpool.[2]

General Information[]

Districts in the city, population, etc...


Historical significance as the capital of the Kingdom of Liesse. Its influence on southern Callow.

First Battle of Liesse[]

See: First Battle of Liesse

Also known as the First Liesse, this battle was the conclusion to the Liesse Rebellion. Nominally, the forces of the Dread Empire, led by Catherine Foundling, were assaulting the city held by the Callowan rebels and the Lone Swordsman. In reality it was a three way conflict between Akua Sahelian who wanted to take the city by any means to elevate her position in Praesi court; Catherine Foundling who aimed to take back the city with limited number of casualties and William of Greenbury who wanted to summon an Angel of Contrition and begin a crusade against the Dread Empire.

How it affected the city, change in govern-ship.

Second Battle of Liesse[]

See: Second Battle of Liesse

"Liesse looked like the gates of some godforsaken hell. The walls of sun-kissed stone had covered in great runes and the pale blocks had withered like fruit on the vine. Atop them stood unmoving thousands facing us, and though this was a fortified city and not a fortress they were tall ramparts and well-built. Behind them the labyrinth of alleys and shops would be crawling with wards and undead: we’d bleed for every street."
―Catherine Foundling[3]

Commonly referred to as the Second Liesse, this battle stretches roughly from the moment the city flew up to the moment Akua Sahelian was killed


Impact on the kingdom of callow, international politics and the Woe.