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A list of Orcish sayings: Scruples do not feed wolves: Following the rules isn't always the best way to do things.

Wade in their blood: a traditional way of wishing someone luck in battle.


“Kings and shepherds fit the same cookpot,”


“A hungry warrior will trade his sword for meat,”


“Bone and flesh torn asunder,”


“How tall the spears, and great the host,” he spoke in Kharsum, cadenced and low,” This empire’s bier, of graven ghosts.”



“Through tall grass, come winter sun,”

“Stand in our bones, coated in frost,”

“Where we were kings, by war undone,”

“To behold the world that we have lost,”

“Warmth fades, glory cannot linger,”

“All that we have left is the hunger,”

A ancient Kharsum hymn, sung/recited by Hakram during a fight



“We sowers of ruin, straight-backed and proud,

Told them arrant, and arrantly kept our vow:

‘No bargain is there, between hunter and flock;

No peace between the rabbit and the hawk.’


We sowers of ruin, reaped all that was sown,

For as Mieza’s sons toppled our waning thrones,

They arrant said: ‘no bargain now, o lords of war,

For no peace can be, between spear and boar.’


We sowers of ruin, the reapers that were reapt,

Sing the elder song still, for we must not forget:

No bargain is there, between hunter and flock,

No peace can there be, between lash and orc.”

– “Ruin, Sown”, a spoken verse in Kharsum attributed to Yngvild Bittertongue, chieftess of the Red Shields  



 “We fought,

across field and river,

carrying the Tower’s writ

to the foot of the Wall.

We fought

and did not grow old.”

        – Spoken Kharsum verse attributed to Sharok the Blinded, chieftain of the Iron Bears (banned by Imperial decree)