Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

Hare anulsur: "War of vultures" in Taghreb. Guerrilla warfare.

I ask for the shelter of your fire/I offer you the shelter of my fire: a Taghreb offer of peace and companionship. If the other party accepts the offer or request, both parties are bound by Taghreb custom not to attack each other until the next dawn.

Iron sharpens iron: The strength of Praes is improved by constant infighting, because it ensures that the strongest and cleverest leaders take power and are forced to remain strong and clever. This saying and the ideals it represents are core to Praesi traditionalists like the Truebloods, but many of the newer style of Praesi, including both Amadeus and Catherine believe that it represents a flawed mindset which rewards the ability to take and retain power more than the ability to make effective use of it.

Still waters are the hungriest: meaning unknown

Victory, most fickle of friends: winning once does not guarantee future victory, and even in the moment a victory can turn into a defeat.