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The Lone Swordsman is a Heroic Name.


The Lone Swordsman is meant to be an agent of Good that works alone, and does not fit in well with a Band. The Name is suited to duels against similar martial Named and crowd control of non Named in melee combat.


The Lone Swordsman displayed skilled swordsmanship, having trained in Arcadia against the fae, and managing to defeat Catherine Foundling in battle.

As the Lone Swordsman, William of Greenbury displayed three Aspects:

  • Triumph
  • Swing
  • Rise

Known Holders[]

William of Greenbury: Described as young and darkly handsome with messy hair and green eyes. William of Greenbury was born and raised in Greenbury, a village in the Liesse governorship. His parents were cobblers, with his father having previously been a knight under King Robert. William picked up swordsmanship from his father and began practicing from a young age.

William's sister, along with her husband, was part of a resistance group that planned to overthrow the Legions of Terror. After confronting his sister and failing to change her mind, William murdered her to prevent her inevitable arrest from causing the loss of his family's property and lives. This event had a severe effect upon William, causing him to flee to the wilds and see an Angel of Contrition, resulting in the bestowal of his Name.

Killed by Catherine.

Saint Ortega: