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Lysander is a villain Name raised in Refuge known as the Beastmaster.


Lysander was one of the core five students in Refuge together with the Archer, Hunter, Concocter and Silver Huntress. He joined the Grand Alliance after Ranger left to join Amadeus around the start of the Truth and Terms.

Lysander joins on the campaign to Hainaut but dies in battle before reaching the city.


Lysander is originally from the Free Cities and is a tanned man covered in filth. He has long matted brown hair. Lysander is tall and broad-framed and heavy-set, with clothes made of thick leather save for fur boots and a hood made by fox fur lined with ermine.[1]

He has a long knife and a hatched by his side.


Lysander was part of the core group of students growing up at Refuge. This made him both close and in extreme competition with Indrani, John, Constanza and Alexis. As part of Hye Su's upbringing - killing any tendency to seek help from others or work in cooperation with the other students - Lysander was so focused on proving himself on his own it also was how he died. Despite help being so close by, he could have been saved if only he had called for it.