Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

"The Maddened Keeper: the seal on darkness, who partakes of its powers"
―Wandering Bard

The Maddened Keeper is a Name related to the binding of evil. Despite being a heroic Name, the Maddened Keeper did not openly consider herself one of Above’s champions. [1]


The Maddened Keeper does the work of Above in swallowing evils, acting as the seal on darkness, partaking of its powers. What the Maddened Keeper keeps within her is a mere finger’s touch away from Creation.


The Maddened Keeper is host to a great many old secrets that should have stayed unknown – and is rumoured to had even turned herself into a living seal on a Hell Egg from Triumphant’s days. [2]

When fighting fae, the Maddened Keeper demonstrated the ability to swallow a cloud of decay that’d powdered rock and have killed the Blade of Mercy. The fae also avoided physical contact with the Maddened Keeper. [3] Through physical touch, the Maddened Keeper is able to spread Demonic corruption. [4]

The Maddened Keeper also hardly ever tires, her body seeming to resist any change at all.

Sealed eight Demons in her body. Upon her death, the Demons were released, among which was the Demon of Terror and the Demon of Absence. As a result of the Demon of Absence, memory of the Maddened Keeper is spotty.

Known Holders[]

Unnamed woman: A traitor working to undermine the Truce and Terms with the Wandering Bard. Fled Callow during the early years of the Conquest. Described to be skinny, a "perennially exhausted woman in her early twenties, skin drawn and pale and her dark hair ratty". Dressed in threadbare robes ever rumpled and thin, but with a sense of menace about her, like a diseased thing, the sight of which had you withdraw your hand out of fear and disgust. [5]