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A tall man clad in armor, he has long flowing blond hair and wields a war hammer.


He is brave ready for battle at a moments notice. Despite receiving the Grey Pilgrim's healing he did not suffer the drawback of being so close to creation.[1] Instead he was ready for battle once again. He is willing to face down a whole cavalry charge with steadfast bravery. While some might say his bravery is a drawback preventing him from making logical retreats, he only sees cowardice to die for side of good is an honor unto itself.


Mansurin is born to the thinnest of the lesser Champion lines, the blood of the original heroes that founded Procer. With this in mind there have been many in the line of the champions who have become heroes.[2]

He is only too proud to be a part of the tenth crusade and face the Black Queen's forces, and more so to be an instrument of good to stamp out Praes itself. He attempts to stop the Black Queen's raid on the Crusaders camp but is ignored her throws insults at the cowards holding his war hammer.

He later battles the Black Queen along with his fellow heroes. They coordinated attacks that hindered her movement by attacking her sides with the Blade of Mercy and his hammer, with a shield hero in her front. Despite their tactics the interference of the Hierophant as well as her Winter mantle causes him along with one of his comrades to suffer mortal wounds while a staff wielding hero was fatally slain.[3]

Mansurin was ressurected by the Grey Pilgrim[1], and later charged the enemy after the battlefield was swamped with a waterfall created by Winter. He was revived by the Grey pilgrim only to be assaulted by wildfire by goblin munitions. He was burnt to a crisp suffering burns all over his body.[4]


Mansurin was a physical hero who specialized in holding back enemy forces. Similar to the Valiant Champion, Mansurin uses a large war hammer that can cause a great amount of blunt damage. While he has participated in maneuvers involving other melee oriented heroes he performs best in single combat against an evil opponent. His aspects revealed thus far include:

Broaden: This allowed the Mansurin to enlarge his weapon to gigantic proportions while not changing its weight allowing him to damage a large area. It can also be used on single combat attacks to blindside enemies who miscalculate his weapon range, luring them into a false sense of security. [5]


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