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Marchford is a city in eastern Callow between the Duchy of Liesse and the Fields of Streges. During the Liesse Rebellion, the city actively supported the Lone Swordsman and the Silver Spears. The Battle of Three Hills was fought on its outskirts. The Battle of Marchford followed shortly after. It was fief to the Countess of Marchford.


The city is located in a hilly area between two rivers, and therefore difficult to access. The outskirts of the city are rough, hilly terrain, with the city proper being accessable over a bridge on the western side and a ford in wider proximity. The ford is rather wide. The city does not have walls. Due to a demon of corruption staying in Marchford for a while, the boundaries between Arcadia andCreation are weakened in the city. 


Marchford was run by the Countess of Marchford, who opposed the Empire. There was anti-Empire sentiment in the city. The citizens are stubborn, hard working sorts. Veterans of the war are easily found, and the Legions of Terror were looked at with suspision. After the city was evacuated in the rebellion there were still 10,000 people left. The normal and current populaton is unknown. The city has a strong mining industry centered around silver found in the hills. The county is wealthy, given that most houses are built with stone and the street layout was planned.


The city was run similarly to many other callowan cities- a noble family owned the city, and was relatively independent. The city was placed under martial law, and after the failure of the Lisse rebellion, it was placed under imperial control. After the callowan rebellion the city was awarded to Catherine Foundling as the Ladyship of Marchford. After gaining the fief Catherine invested in the region, though details are mostly unknown.
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