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Marshal Ranker is one of the original allies of the Black Knight who supported Malicia's bid for power. She now holds the position of Marshall and is one of the three top officers in the Legions of Terror amongst Marshal Grem "One Eye", and Marshall Nim. Her duty is to supervise Daoine and defend the empire if the Deoraithe decide to invade.


Ranker came to power when she displayed her willingness to endure pain to attain power. This was a ritual amongst the Hungry Dog tribe in which each applicant held their hand in fire in order to see who could hold it the longest. Ranker not only outlasted her rivals but she held it long after winning and refused to receive healing afterward. She later allied herself with the then Squire Amadeus and Alaya. She trusted in the Black Knight's ability to win the war as well as Alaya's ability to rule and secure the promises made to Goblin Tribes.


Ranker is a proud Goblin, exhibiting all the traits of one who has seen death and destruction. She has unflinching loyalty and expects the same of her allies. Despite the ties she holds to her race she is ultimately loyal to Black. She has a great deal of wisdom and does not make idle threats or jump to conclusions.


Amadeus: She is deeply loyal to the Black Knight, as he has shown not only that he is a great leader but that he is concerned with the well being of all who reside in Praes including Orcs and Goblins. Due to his loyalty, she is willing to destroy any who stand in his path including his apprentice, Catherine.

Alaya: While she does not like Malicia she understands what she represents, change. It is on Malicia's orders that the restrictions on Goblins were raised and for that she is greatly indebted to the Tower and Malicia, who has the power to reverse the progress that the Tribes have made.

Matrons: Despite sharing the same lineage and love for her people she believes that they are set in their ways; while a majority of the Matrons wish to isolate themselves from the empire, Ranker does not. Due to her influence they have remain allied to the Tower.

Catherine Foundling: Despite initially seeing her as an ally due to the Black Knight's protection recent rebellious action of the Squire have caused her to question Catherine's allegiance. Ranker does not agree with all of the Squire's moves, but the recent campaign into Arcadia has begun to change Ranker's opinion at times reminding her of Ranger or the Black Knight in their younger days.

Robber: She delights in Robber's actions, as he represents all the attributes that the Matrons teach among their people. His cunning and savagery in the face of danger are admired. Despite her allegiance to the Matrons she enjoys Robbers elevation despite the discrimination imposed on his gender. She jokes about his open objection of the mechanization's of the Matrons, as well as his superiority over a Goblin with the Matron's bloodline. Robber represents the change that while unintentional, she caused when she allied with the Tower.


Due to her advanced age of 60, Ranker appears ancient by Goblin standards. Her skin is leathery and a mix of green and brown. Her scleras are red and her eyes are deep set and dark. Her face is a mass of wrinkles.


Thus far her physical prowess has not been shown but her power is similar to Malicia's in that it is the control she exerts that makes her powerful. Her fourth legion are extremely loyal, choosing to carry on the ritual that paved their leaders way to power as a sign of solidarity in sacrifice. Her influence on the Matrons has kept them allied to the empire despite their motivations to isolate themselves. Her command also means that the Black Knight has a powerful ally loyal to him rather than the crown. It is rumored that due to her reputation the Black Knight has had her life extended. If she were to pass, so would the allegiance of the Goblins, as well as a majority of the armaments of the Imperial Legion, thus her survival is paramount.