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The Miezan Empire, like the Baalite Hegemony and Yan Tei, is a polity based across the Tyrian Sea, to the east of Calernia.[1]

Little is known about them currently, with most accounts dating back to their occupation of what is now the Dread Empire some fifteen hundred years ago. Despite this, they've had a tremendous impact on the geopolitical landscape of the continent which can still be felt today.

General Information[]

Since Calernia is not in regular contact with other continents in Creation, we have limited information with regards to Miezans as they are now - to the point where it's possible their Empire no longer even exists. As such, many features listed below might no longer be accurate as they date back to occupation.

Miezans were pale-skinned people, significantly more advanced in both technology and sorcery then their contemporaries.[2][1] They practiced the Petronian theory of magic, which is remarked on by many individuals as being particularly advanced. Cordelia states that "only the Miezans had ever cast magic on that scale", referring to the enchantment protecting the Dominion of Levant.[3] 

With regards to technology, they had their own numbers system, known as Miezan numerals and introduced a higher order of mathematics to the continent.[1] Cat's stated that they also "built amazing structures", one of them being a massive stone bridge which connects the Blessed Isle to either sides of the riverbank. Although it's been built hundreds of years ago it still stands as a proof of the superior Miezan engineering.[4][5]

They spoke Old Miezan which has since been developed into Lower and Higher Miezan. They are known for practicing slavery and "[being] pretty liberal with extermination policies".[6] Their view of foreigners can be easily summarized by looking at their language. Quoting Akua:

"Other. Nyengana, in Lower Miezan. The connotations did not carry across the languages. It meant not us, therefore inferior. No other tongue on Calernia offered such a broad selection of terms to convey contempt as that of her people."[1]


The exact details and dates of the Miezan occupation are not available since most of Calernia was illitarate at a time.

It's believed Miezans invaded from across the Tyrian Sea some two thousand to fifteen hundred years ago.[7] They destroyed all signs of Orcish culture and conquered the regions now known as the Hungering Sands, the Wasteland and the Northern Steppes. The westernmost point of their occupation was the Blessed Isle, meaning the Ancient Kingdom of Callow was left untouched.[5]

The Miezans occupied these territories for several centuries, during which they enslaved and subjugated various ethnic groups such as the OrcsTaghrebiSoninke as well as Goblins.[2] The current population of Ogres in Praes is not native to the continent and have been brought over as slaves.[8]

The Orcs and the Goblins are particularly interesting cases as the occupation had a vastly different effect on them. At the time, the Orcs were experiencing their golden age and were utterly destroyed by the foreign Empire. The Black Knight summarizes the situation well:

“When it comes to the Clans,” he said, “we have the Miezans to blame for that. They systematically dismantled every aspect of orc culture. They went as far as razing the holy grounds of the Broken Antler Horde, the largest city on Callernia at the time."[9]

In contrast, the Goblins hardly seemed to mind the occupation. To quote the Black Knight again:

“As for the Tribes, it’s trickier matter. They were never outright conquered by the Miezans, as you know. They knelt after the first few defeats and so kept the majority of their holdings.”[9]

The Taghreb and the Soninke experience was somewhere in the middle, neither utterly destroyed nor mostly indifferent, they bore their shackles with hatred.

Their occupation began to crumble during the First Licerian War, though we don't know when or how it came about. We do know that there were multiple Licerian Wars and that they were fought against the Baalites, so perhaps it was a slow deterioration of power which culminated in creation of The Dread Empire of Praes by Maleficent I.[10][4]

It's possible the Miezan Empire no longer exists, as hinted by Hakram who states that currently only the Baalites and the Yan Tei know a safe route through the Tyrian Sea and that the Empire was "undone".[11] This doesn't discount the fact they could still exist in some diminished form.


According to Warlock, "as in most things magical, the Miezan occupation changed everything". Even though it can be considered ancient history, its influence can easily be seen in modern Praes.


  • Duni are still detested in the Empire due to their pale skin[2]
  • Their destruction of Orc culture was so thorough that Adjutant is the first Named Orc in roughly two thousand years[12]
  • Praes is in fact a neither a Taghrebi nor Mtethwa word - it's Old Miezan[13]
  • Slavery is not practiced as a result of their occupation[2]


Much of the Praesi war doctrine has been influenced by the Miezans. Even after Reforms, which modernized many features of the Legions, the Empire depends on its superiority of sorcery and still has deficient cavalry, both inherited from the Miezans.[14][15]

The Dread Legions bear Miezan Numerals on their standards, surrounded by a silver snake eating its own tail.[16] 


Lower Miezan is the common language spoken across Calernia, understood even in polities which were never conquered, such as Callow or Procer.[4] It's likely both Lower and Higher Miezan are derived from Old Miezan spoken during their occupation.


  • They were well known for their open style baths[17]
  • Miezan diplomatic envoys were always slaves[18]
  • It's speculated they are based on the Roman Empire and Malazan Empire