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Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

A named who participated in the Tenth Crusade.

Power Level[]

The name thus far is shown to be able to redirect power that is launched against him, redirecting it to its sender with slightly more power[1]. Thus any force that opposes him can be overturned through use of his abilities. Despite this natural skill against evil his inexperience can lead him to become overconfident in his skills nearly being flattened by mere mages. Although not as experienced as the Saint of Swords she herself has stated that in a decade his power will overwhelm even her. He posses the ability to be renewed each dawn growing stronger by a small amount.[2]


The Mirror Knight is a shield against evil, meant to reflect its harm back upon itself[3]. He earned his name like many heroes by going through a set of trials[4], proving to be worthy of the mantle. His role is to be a shield to defend the weak against evil. He not only protects but reflects the damage. As his role often puts him in the way of danger he is prone to be worn down by battle. Thankfully he is gifted with the ability each day to rise anew. His very soul is revived fresh as the day before, in fact each day he becomes stronger.

Special Abilities[]

The Mirror Knight is able to reflect damage back at enemies, specifically evil enemies. although this ability seems to also be used for magic as well as physical combat. Though repeated attacks can overwhelm this ability, meaning the hero needs recuperation after use. Christophe posses the ability to grow stronger but it is unknown if this is an inherent aspect of the current user of the Name or if it is inherent to the Mirror Knight Name, similar to how Learn is inherent to the Squire Name.


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