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"Once, twice, thrice did the Mirror Knight strike, his plate burning with radiance as the demon burned into molten remains from the glare of the reflection."
―Chapter 24: Like A Hanging Sword

A Named who participated in the Tenth Crusade.


The Mirror Knight's charge is to defend the Elfin Dames and does not involve much travelling about. Enemies tend to find the Mirror Knight, not the other way around. As such, if it were not for the Tenth Crusade, it would be unlikely that most Named would have known of the Mirror Knight.

The Mirror Knight is a shield against evil, meant to reflect its harm back upon itself.[1] He earned his Name like many heroes by going through a set of trials[2], proving to be worthy of the mantle. His role is to be a shield to defend the weak against evil. He not only protects but reflects the damage.


The Mirror Knight is able to reflect damage back at enemies, specifically evil enemies. although this ability seems to also be used for magic as well as physical combat. Though repeated attacks can overwhelm this ability, meaning the hero needs recuperation after use. As the Mirror Knight, Christophe posses the ability to grow stronger through his Aspect, Dawn, gaining strength everytime the sun rises on a new day. Through this he skin has grown stronger than steel.[3]

Known Holders[]

Christophe de Pavanie: As the Mirror Knight, Christophe has two Aspects revealed: Dawn and Withstand.

As a signatory of the Truce and the Terms, and a member of the Grand Alliance, he is key in many of their strategies as a human cannonball, launched at enemies.

Unnamed woman: Christophe's mentor who taught him while when preparing him to take up her duties. [4]


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