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"The Myrmidon, garbed in bronze and faith, was sharing quiet words with the Rogue Sorcerer."
―Interlude: Kaleidoscope VI


The Name has a high level of martial skill. Enough to be recognized as an impressive fighter by Catherine Foundling,[1] as well as being delegated the responsibility of protecting the Rogue Sorcerer from a winter infused Catherine by the Saint of Swords.[2] The Name is also strong enough to be recognized as one of the top two physically strongest Named. [3]

The Name is also capable of having a dimensional pocket, a rarer ability in heroes than villains, though not unheard of. [4]

Displayed the capability of imbuing weapons with Light. [5]

Known Holders[]

Akatha: A signatory of the Truce & the Terms, she was a part of the Grand Alliance in the War against Keter. Before joining the Grand Alliance, she is rumoured to have been chased out of Penthes by the Exarch, while being jeered at by the mob on her way out. [6] She also speaks nothing aside from Aenian, barely passable tradertalk and a smidge of Tolesian.

When in battle, the Myrmidon battles in bronze armour and a shield, both blessed [7], and a trident, which she inbues with Light. [8]

During the seige of Keter, Akatha lost a leg. Afterwards, she fell into a trap while killing a Revenant and the Tumult dropped about a ton of rock over her. She still survived and joined the band to fight against a drakon. Akatha perished during the battle.