Names are the sets of powers granted to mortals as they become characters in stories affected by Fate.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

The term "Named" or simply "Name" can also be used to refer to a person who as taken on such a role. When used in this way the word "Name" and any derivative of it should always be capitalized, along with any specific Name. Named are frequently referred to by their Name (possibly prefaced with "the") rather than their personal name.

Aspects are always known by a capitalized verb in imperative form, such as Struggle, Learn, or Destroy.

Taking a Name[edit | edit source]

The exact process by which a Name is taken has not been revealed. In the specific case of the Squire it involves either killing, outpacing or forcing out anyone else who is interested in becoming the Squire, but it is unknown if this is common among Evil Names or if it is unusual. When new names come into being, as was the case with Adjutant, it simply coalesced into being as the person in question acted more in accordance with the new role. Amadeus described the thing that separated the Named from others being their moral certainty, but it is unknown if he meant that literally. Names can also be assumed by assuming a seat of power in Calernia whenever a new ruler is elected they come into a name.

Normal Power[edit | edit source]

In general, Named will be more powerful than non-Named. This boost extends to their physical and magical ability. The degree to which this happens depends on both the strength and nature of the Name. For example, the bearers of both the Names Warlock and Captain are more powerful than a weaker Name like Squire, but Warlock grants much more magical power while Captain grants much more physical strength. The power of a Name can also be used to empower alchemy, making Goblin fire and similar devices more powerful.

Aspects[edit | edit source]

In addition to the passive powers granted a Name, the bearer will also gain three abilities known as Aspects. Aspects do not so much do specific things as allow the wielder of a Name to use the full power of that Name so long as they remain focused on a specific task that fits with one or more of their Aspects. For example, the current Black Knight has the Aspects of Lead, Conquer and Destroy, which make him a terrifying foe to face on an open field. However, there are Heroic Names more powerful than Black Knight which means that using his power in such a way runs the risk of triggering Aspects such as Protect in someone who would be able to tap into greater power against him.

While certain Aspects are more common with specific Names, the set that is gained by a given Named when they take their Name is not always the same as their predecessors'. Some Names do have specific Aspects that are always gained though, and every wielder of a given Name will only ever have 3 aspects.

Name Visions[edit | edit source]

A name vision can be activated either by coming into a name as both Catherine and Amadeus or simply having a name over a long period of time. These visions take place to either directs Names resolve, helping a Named come into an aspect, and learning information on a role or a lesson to help the Named with a conflict.

The memories can either be replayed events by past names such as the White Knight, or be personal worlds such as labyrinth for the Amadeus or a swamp and a white tower in Catherine's world hinting at her dual ability to transition her name to either the White Knight or Black Knight.

Fate[edit | edit source]

Named are, by the nature of their power, more attuned to Fate than normal people. This means that in general many of their actions and circumstances will be more likely to be dramatically appropriate. They may suffer from bizarre coincidences than normal (such as having things happen as soon as they declare them impossible), and their actions with regards to other Named are likely to fall into narrative patterns especially if they behave in a manner appropriate to those patterns' beginnings.

Good and Evil[edit | edit source]

Most Names are associated with either Good or Evil. In order for a given individual to retain such a Name they must act overall in accordance with the Good or Evil nature of that Name. However, it is possible under certain circumstances for a Villain to be redeemed or a Hero to be corrupted, in which case they will lose their original Name but may gain a new Name of the opposite side.

Known Names[edit | edit source]

  1. Adjutant
  2. Affable Burglar
  3. Anchorite
  4. Apprentice
  5. Ashen Priestess
  6. Archer
  7. Astrologer
  8. Assassin
  9. Augur
  10. Barehanded Pugilist
  11. Barrow Lord
  12. Barrow Sword
  13. Bandit Lord
  14. Beastmaster
  15. Berserker
  16. Bitter Blacksmith(Hero)
  17. Bitter Blacksmith(Villain)
  18. Blacksmith
  19. Blade of Mercy
  20. Black Knight
  21. Black Queen
  22. Black Sickle
  23. Blessed Artificer
  24. Blind Maker
  25. Bloody Sword
  26. Blue Mage
  27. Bumbling Conjurer
  28. Captain
  29. Chancellor
  30. Commander of the Watch
  31. Concocter
  32. Conjurer
  33. Cursed
  34. Cutthroat
  35. Dead King
  36. Diabolist
  37. Doddering Sage
  38. Drake Knight
  39. Dread Emperor/Empress
  40. Drunk Swordsman
  41. Exalted Poet
  42. Exiled Prince
  43. Eater
  44. Fallen Monk
  45. Face Thief
  46. Fae Enchantress
  47. Flawless Fencer
  48. Forgetful Librarian
  49. Forsworn Healer
  50. Fortunate Fool
  51. Forlorn Paladin
  52. Gallant Brigand
  53. Grave Binder
  54. Grey Lion
  55. Grey Pilgrim
  56. Grey Wizard
  57. Grim Binder
  58. Grizzled Fantassin
  59. Good Queen/King
  60. Gladiator
  61. Harrowed Witch
  62. Hateful Druidess
  63. Haunted Scholar
  64. Headhunter
  65. Hedge Wizard
  66. Heiress
  67. Herald of the Deeps
  68. Hierophant
  69. Hierarch
  70. Holy Shield
  71. Hunter
  72. Hunted Magician
  73. Kingfisher Prince
  74. Knife of Night
  75. Lance of Light
  76. Lich
  77. Lone Swordsman
  78. Lone Sentinel
  79. Maddened Keeper
  80. Marauder
  81. Magnificent Minstrel
  82. Merchant Prince
  83. Merry Brawler
  84. Merry Monk
  85. Minister of the Left
  86. Minister of the Right
  87. Mirror Knight
  88. Myrmidon
  89. Necromancer
  90. Page
  91. Painted Knife
  92. Peerless Artisan
  93. Pilfering Dicer
  94. Pirate Queen
  95. Poisoner
  96. Rogue Sorcerer
  97. Royal Conjurer
  98. Ranger
  99. Rapacious Troubadour
  100. Rebel Knight
  101. Red Axe
  102. Red Fox
  103. Red Mage
  104. Reaver
  105. Red Reaver
  106. Red Knight
  107. Relentless Magistrate
  108. Repentant Magister
  109. Saint of Swords
  110. Sage
  111. Sage of the West
  112. Salutary Alchemist
  113. Scorched Apostate
  114. Scribe
  115. Shining Prince
  116. Silent Guardian
  117. Silent Slayer
  118. Silver Huntress
  119. Silver Mage
  120. Sinister Physician
  121. Skein
  122. Skinchanger
  123. Spellblade
  124. Squire
  125. Stained Sister
  126. Stalwart Apostle
  127. Stalwart Paladin
  128. Stitcher
  129. Stone Shaper
  130. Summoner
  131. Swaggering Duellist
  132. Thief
  133. Thief of Stars
  134. Tormented Painter
  135. Troubadour
  136. Tyrant of Helike
  137. Unconquered Champion
  138. Vagrant Spear
  139. Valiant Champion
  140. Warlock
  141. Warlord
  142. Wandering Bard
  143. White Knight
  144. Wicked Enchanter
  145. Wicked Binder
  146. Witch of the Woods
  147. Wizard of the West
  148. Young Slayer
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