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"I stared into the abyss and found what stared back… wanting."
―Translation of the Kabbalis Book of Darkness, widely attributed to the young Dead King[1]

Neshamah Be-Iakim is the current holder of the Name Dead King. The name is Ashkaran. He is known under the name Trismegistus in Praes. 


He was born as part of the royal family of the Kingship of Sephirah, one of the many children of king Iakim.[2] Through a complicated plan involving a plague and an invasion of the People of the Wolf, he became king and used his new position to arrange the grand ritual that would lead to him becoming the Dead King.

He is immortal and may be a god. He lives in Serenity and can most likely only enter Creation when invited.

His coat-of-arms is a circle of ten silver stars around a pale crown.[3][4]




A pale skinned, dark haired man. Neshama has bushy eyebrows and full lips. He is of medium hieght and has a scholar's build. His eyes are light brown, but appear golden in certain light conditions. He wears purple robes and a crown of bone.[4]


Neshama is the founder and greatest practitioner of Trismegistan Sorcery sorcery in existence.


Raise: The source of his ability to make revenants, Raise lets the dead king raise the dead. It can be used quickly but is rough and crude; he typically uses a slower method.[4]

Reign: This aspect grants him kingship over death and the undead. Every undead under his control is connected to him by a string. The aspect can also be used to control devils. [4]

Return: This aspect allows Neshama to return from death even if his soul is dispersed. This aspect is tied to his phylactory, The Crown of the Dead, Keter. damage to his soul can remain, such as when cut with the Severence. This aspect will fail if Neshama's soul is returned to his body, such as during a ressurection.[4]