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Following Catherine Foundling's assassination attempt of Dread Empress Malicia during negotiations with Keter, the Dread Empire ordered assassinations of large parts of the Kingdom of Callow's bureaucracy. This included all members of the King's Council, and around a third of the court officials.

Most notable causalities from the Night of Knives were Anne Kendall and Ratface.

The enmity this earned would see Callow further divided from the Dread Empire, especially from Catherine Foundling herself. Having lost both friends and followers, Catherine would use this night continuously in the future as a reason that the Dread Empire could not be trusted, and that Dread Empress Malicia needed to die.

Dread Empress Malicia appeared somewhat confused by Catherine's response to the incident, as she thought that Catherine took the incident far too personally, seemingly not recognizing the severity of how the rest of the continent (especially Callow) views assassination.