"I’m honestly not sure what’s more screwed up about this, that the Empire has a designated form for killing off bureaucrats, or that they expect me to fill it in triplicate."
Catherine Foundlingsupply

The Nihilis report is a form to report the execution of a bureaucrat. Under what exact circumstances it is used are unknown, beside the fact that a Squire who also leads one of the Legions of Terror is allowed to use it. Amadeus gave Catherine a copy of it, presumably to threaten anyone who Akua bribed to inconvenience her. She used the mention of the form, along with a (completely false) claim that she had developed the same power as the Lone Swordsman to recognize lies and a threat to allow Robber to torture him, to force Commissioner Rashid to admit to having accepted bribes from Akua and sign the proper papers to turn over supplies for the Fifteenth Legion.

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