"In war, begin as you would end."
―Marshal Nim[1]

Nim is a marshal of the Dread Empire of Praes, leading the armies of empress-regnal Malicia in the current civil war against Sepulchral. As of Book 6 she has been recognized as the Empress’ Black Knight.[2]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Nim is a female ogre who rose to prominence during the previous imperial civil war, fighting for Dread Empress Malicia along with Amadeus of the Green Stretch. She’s considered the most aggressive commanders among the marshals.[3] In her capacity as a marshal, she oversees the peace in the Wasteland and original Praesi territories.[4] She also holds the overall command in Praes along with her leading her own legion - The Seventh, known as Hammerfall.[5]

In more recent times, Nim led three legions to pacify the city of Wolof after a demon of madness was temporarily unleashed.[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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