Large bipedal creatures not popular for their looks. They are mainly used in armies employed by Praes as heavy infantry. Their size and strength makes them crucial for breaking shield walls as well as sustaining damage while defending mages who launch strikes against opposition. Despite their immense muscle they do tire and can be overrun by infantry tier immense size also makes them a target. Low birth rates mean that they have begun to suffer serious population decline, as well as health issues due to unavoidable inbreeding.


They are not native to Calernia, having been brought by the Miezans centuries ago. Desppite popular belief the ogres do posses a religion they mostly pray to death as it is the only thing certain for thier kind. Hune has also exhibited a limited ammount of sorcery in praising of thier god, by desolving a piece of bread. Ogres are forcibly conscripted by the empire into service. Each year a set of tributes are chosen by the ogre tribes and sent to the war college. Whereas for goblins this is an honor and a chance to move up in the world ogres see this as a duty and a death sentence. Despite this forced enlistments ogres understand that it is there lot in life to die and that thier current status is only thanks to the empire having a use for them thus they are proud to serve and die for thier empire to protect thier people from the past enslavement. Better to die free than to live as a slave.


No names have been seen but similar to goblin culture this might be a well kept secret by ogre culture similar to sorcery.