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"I have seen heroes fight, unlike these young men,” the leader replied. “I know the strength of a Name. Struggle will just mean a bad death. I would rather leave Creation peacefully, enjoying my last cup of wine."

Ophon was a slave Officer in the Spears of Stygia.


First Spear Ophon was the head officer of the Stygian Spears in the Callowan rebellion. He was freed from slavery under Akua Sahelian by William of Greenbury and fought in the defense of Liesse, Dying with the rest of the Spears to Akua Sahelian's ritual.


Ophon was an older man with a shaved head[1] and olive skin.[2]


Ophon was initially wary of William of Greenbury, but when William freed him he took a liking to the Hero.


Ophon was athletic, a trained soldier. He was capable of balancing on his hands for sixty heartbeats.[2]