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"While human children are learning to read, we’re learning to kill. While you’re picking up a trade, we’re learning to kill. While you’re going to pray in your pretty little churches, we’re learning to kill. War isn’t just what we do, Catherine, it’s what we are."

Orcs are one of a variety of species found in Creation. As a group, they are sometimes referred to collectively as "the Clans"


Orcs look vaguely similar to humans, except that they tend to be much more muscular and that they have thicker, rougher skin that is usually grey or green. They also have large, sharp teeth.

Teeth are a very important part of orc ideals of beauty, which is part of the reason that they find most other species unattractive. Hakram at one point describes humans as having "cow teeth".


Orc culture is extremely warlike. They commonly served as troops for the Dread Empire throughout its history. They regard Amadeus as a great folk hero since the Reforms he championed allowed them to join the Legions properly rather than be used as expendable, lightly-armored meatshields. Not only was the cost in orc lives unnecessarily high with such methods, but they also reminded the orcs far too strongly of their treatment as slaves by the Miezans. Sabah notes that the quickest way to earn their respect is by showing combat prowess.

Their culture also values avenging the dead over mourning them, which has led to constant blood feuds on the Steppes. Though these feuds are put on hold when there are actual wars to fight, they still cause a lot of death and destruction in peacetime.


Red Rage: The Red Rage is a state of rage that some orcs have[2] that grants them strength[3] and physical ability at the cost of inhibited mental ability from rage.[4] Orcs went to a place in the northern steppes to learn control over the Rage, however, The god there was killed by Captain.[5] Learning to control the rage helps protect against other forms of mental influence.[6] Berserkers are orcs that have learned to direct the Rage.[2]


Before the Miezan occupation, the orcs had a number of Names. By far the most infamous of these was the Name of Warlord. Warlords would regularly sweep down from the Steppes with massive hosts, loot and slaughter the humans of the Wasteland, and return with treasure and slaves.

When the Miezans conquered the Steppes, they enslaved the orcs and systematically destroyed their old culture, crushing any expression of their old stories. They were so successful that the old Names stopped appearing and seem to have died. No orc Named appeared from the founding of the Dread Empire of Praes to Hakram claiming to Name of Adjutant.


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