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Orim of the Tarred Dogs, also known as Orim the Grim by his Legion, was a general of the Fifth Legion of Terror - cognomen Exterminatus - which served as Laure’s garrison. He died during the Second Battle of Liesse at fifty-three years of age.[1][2][3][4]


Orim was tall even for an orc - almost as tall as Hakram. His skin was of a yellow-green colour and he was scarred, bursting with muscle and capable of popping a man’s neck off his shoulders with his bare hand.[5] His face had atrophied muscles which kept his lips near-unmoving. It’s what eventually led to his nickname, Grim, since he had great difficulty in smiling.[1]


He was a traditional orc, believing that they were meant to fight. He disliked the Deoraithe, Praesi nobility - including Imperial Governor Mazus, keeping the peace in Laure as well as diplomacy in general, referring to it as squabbling.[6][7]


Prior to joining Black halfway through the civil war he was a chieftain of the Silent Men, one of the larger clans of the Lesser Steppes. He’d been known for his warring with the Deoraithe, as well as for wiping out an entire smaller clan in a single night for having stolen some of his cattle.[5]

He joined Amadeus halfway through the imperial civil war. It’s unknown when exactly he became a general. After capturing one of the forts he put every Praesi soldier to the sword as keeping any prisoners would have slowed his march.[5] He eventually marched on Okoro and fought against undead during the campaign.[1]

During the Conquest the Fifth Legion had been under Marshal Grem, assaulting the Wall so that the Deoraithe couldn’t reinforce the army of Callow at the Fields of Streges.[5]

Afterwards, he was placed in Laure because keeping him in Praes after he killed five thousand Praesi was untenable. His reputation as a ruthless orc also helped to keep peace and acted as a counterbalance to the Imperial Governor Mazus. He remained there till the Arcadian Campaign was coming to an end.[1]

Arcadian Campaign[]

During the campaign he mostly remained in Laure. He wasn’t involved in the Battle of Five Armies and One, nor the battle of Dormer.

He was supposed to reinforce the Sixth and the Night but his legion was delayed when the Ruling Council collapsed, approximately two weeks after Catherine Foundling disappeared into Arcadia. Murad Kalbid and Satang Motherless executed a coup in Laure which forced grim to remain in the capital.[8] In response, he decided to put the city under martial law. He allowed the rebels to barricade in the palace to prevent more riots.[9]

After the battle of Dormer, he met up with the army in Holden along with General Sacker.[10]

Diabolist's Rebellion[]

He fought in the skirmish near Ankou, against Fasili Mirembe. Alongside him was the Fifteenth, the Sixth and the Ninth Legions. He was in charge of the right flank and his legion was attacked by a detachment of three thousand undead which prevented him from reinforcing the centre. He decided to deploy heavies to deal with the undead as quickly as possible and allow his legion greater mobility.[1]

In Second Liesse he took the leftmost bastion after Catherine Foundling killed most of its mages, however he ended up brutally outnumbered and was eventually overrun.[11]