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"The moment the Page reached the stakes was when it all started going downhill"
―Chapter 18: Tinder

The Page is an attendant-type Role.


When first mentioned, the Page was complementing and supporting the Exiled Prince. [1]

The second time the Name was mentioned was during the war against Keter, as part of the Grand Alliance. [2]


While the Name was held by Semia, she was proficient in combat and demonstrated priest related powers.

Ramming a standard into the mud, the Page used a horn dangling off her shoulder to his lips, letting out a loud almost crystalline sound. The sound sent a shudder that went through Catherine Foundling's men while her Name flared up. Masgeo describes the sound as "priestly stuff ... your usual “sound will strike fear in the heart of the wicked” package." [3]

Running into stakes, Page rammed the standard in the ground, pulverising a rough path through the stakes, leaving the mud still smoking.

Wielding a rapier, Page moved faster than Catherine while she was still the Squire. [4]

While the Name was held by Gaetan, he demonstrated combat proficiency capable enough to defeat a Revenant with the help of Sapan and Arthur Foundling.

As the Page, Gaetan holds the Aspect Incise. The nature of the aspect lies in sharpness and precision, and is significantly stronger when dealing wounds than killing blows. Behind the Aspect is a sense of frivolity to it, of defiance. It was capable of decapitating a Revanant's head. [5]

Known Holders[]

Gaetan Rocroy of Cantal: Described by Arthur as "an intolerable arse most of the time". His ability to get under people's skin was deemed a natural talent by Robber, who admired this side of Gaetan. Gaetan is described to be not all that tall, with a slenderness that gives the impression he is. Having chestnut hair with a riot of enviable curls and wearing a cuirass and leather as armour instead of proper plate or mail, along with bearing a rapier. [6]

Gaetan nonetheless has surges of gallantry, being willing to take the lash for someone else or toss away riches like they’re nothing. The latter was demonstrated when Gaetan gave Arthur a piece of one of the stars that fell over Hainaut as a gift for Arthur's transition from Squire to Knight Errant. The piece was sold to Gaetan by a fantassin that near burned his hand off taking the stone and eventually forged into the Peregrine. A masterwork sword that seeks out deeds. [7]

During the seige of Keter, Gaetan was eager to participate in battles, detesting being used as a messenger rather than a combatant. [8]

He participated with 12 other Named in the final fight against the Dead King. Spending most of his time trapped in shards of Arcadia within the Dead King's throne room, Gaetan died, turned into ash shortly after he managed to escape.

Semia: An androgynous fanatic of Dorian, who was also deeply in love with him. The daughter of a fairly prominent noble, Semia was slender, short-haired, and acted as a servant. She was killed by Catherine Foundling.