Power Level[edit | edit source]

The name was able to spar with a winter infused Catherine and survive, thus power level has been difficult to define in respect to other villains. The Name seems more suited to combat than stealth, allowing the user to land decisive blows despite her appearance. She can displace damage and is incredibly quick thus is more suited to ambush tactics. 

Role[edit | edit source]

The Painted Knife is a slave to ritual. Before each battle she must paint fresh markings honoring long forgotten practices by bestowed. Her appearance makes her a target for enemies which in turn means more honor to the blood of chosen. Her role is similar to the Knife of Night, most likely inspiring fear in enemies when her war paint is seen and inspiring courage in allies.  

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

The painted knife is a roguish name that, while relying on speed and stealth, is primarily offensive, similar to Assassin. Her abilities thus far have allowed her to survive major battles between her and the Woe.  

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