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"Each time she traced a red knife, a painted knife."
―Extra Chapter: Five Stories

The Painted Knife is a heroic Name from Levant; the current holder is the first recorded.[1]


The Painted Knife is a slave to ritual. Before each battle she must paint fresh markings honoring long forgotten practices by bestowed. Her appearance makes her a target for enemies which in turn means more honor to the blood of chosen. Her role is similar to the Knife of Night a century ago, most likely inspiring fear in enemies when her war paint is seen and inspiring courage in allies.  


The Painted Knife is a roguish name that, while relying on speed and stealth, is primarily offensive, similar to Assassin. It is also noted that the Painted Knife is a great tracker. [2]

Her abilities thus far have allowed her to survive major battles between her and the Woe. The Name was able to spar with a winter infused Catherine and survive. The Name allows the user to land decisive blows, displace damage and be incredibly quick.

Known Holders[]

Kallia: Kallia began the path to her Name while pursuing vengence for her father's death, hunting those affliated. Each time she murdered her target, she traced a red knife, and when she was face to face with her final target, Lady Jibril, Kalia came into her Name, the Painted Knife.

As a result of her Name, Kallia is elevated to the higher echelons of Levant's hierarchy. Kallia is a tall woman, wearing elaborate red face paint.