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Penthes is a Good, human city state that is part of the League of Free Cities. It's the richest of the Free Cities due to its location next to the Wasaliti River.[1] Its is currently ruled by Exarch Prodocius Lesor.


Ancient History[]

Penthes is the city from which Prokopia Lekapene - the first Hierarch of the League of Free Cities - hailed from.[2]

Throughout their history they've developed a deep enmity towards Bellerophon, which tried to invade their city numerous times. This manifests itself nowadays when Penthesian diplomats try to force envoys from Bellerophon to think traitorous thoughts so they would be killed.

Modern Times[]

In more recent times, the Dread Empire of Praes started to exert a lot of influence over the city despite their nominal alignment to Good. This is due to the fact that their wealth is largely dependent on the trade coming from the Empire.[3] Nevertheless, it was one of the cities that has been bought over by Procer to agree to a ten-years truce during the crusade.[4]

During the League's civil war, the Black Knight destabilised their government, killing their Exarch and most of the ruling class. His action resulted in there being twelve claimants to the title of Exarch, effectively immobilizing the city before a leader could be chosen, knocking them out of the League's civil war.[5]Though it still managed to repel an attack by Bellerophan.

By the time of the Conclave, the twelve Exarch claimants had dwindled to five, whom voted for Anaxares as Hierarch as they all wanted to curry favour with him to grant them the full leadership of Penthes over one another. When deciding the stance of the League for the Tenth Crusade, one Exarch pushed for selling supplies to both sides, seeing a great deal of potential wealth. Another cautioned that after Cordelia Hasenbach won, she would be displeased at them playing both sides. Yet another was wary of refugees that would flee down the Hwaerte and Wasiliti River should Procer win.

When the League of Free Cities began invading Procer, the number of Exarch-claimants had dwindled to just Prodocius Lesor, who 'has an emperor's ambition and the wits of a well-bred trout' and Honorion Kapenos, who 'is afflicted with that peculiar condition where one comes to believe that gold makes up for any and all shortcomings'. It was mentioned that Malicia and Kairos chose them to survive as they were both venal and corrupt men whom they'd own.

At some point, Penthes and Helike conspired with Dread Empress Malicia to cripple Nicae. Penthes would smuggle the alchemical reagents for the Still Water weapon through them, poisoning the water barrels of the Nicaen fleet, allowing Malicia to kill and raise them. This granted her not only a mighty fleet, but leverage over the blockaded Ashur and the crippled Nicae, as well as enough blackmail on the Exarchs for Malicia to own them body and soul.

During the Princes' Graveyard, Penthesian soldiers fought on the left flank of the northern Grand Alliance army, attacking after the army of Helike struck on the right.

When going to Salia for truce, Penthes was allowed to bring three hundred foot soldiers to escort their two Exarchs. After the deaths of the Tyrant and Hierarch, Basileus of Nicae, Leo Trakas began currying Penthes' favour as he needed their support to consolidate his fragmenting rule. At Malicia's behest, they began provoking Queen Catherine, forcing Nicae to step in to defend them, putting them at odds with Callow.

When Catherine accused them of their treacherous acts against the Nicaen fleet, the Exarchs blamed her for it instead, as she had Akua Sahelian, the only known user of Still Water, bound to her service. They also further accused her of trying to put the blame on Praes so that the League would go to war with the Dread Empire.

When Catherine gave up attempting to sway them to her side, the Exarchs triumphantly mocked her. But they made the mistake of mocking Kairos in front of the Helike generals, General Basilla slaying Exarch-claimant Honorion and declaring war on Penthes.


Penthes is ruled by an Exarch (a title, not a Name). There were twelve claimants for the title after Black killed the original Exarch and most of the ruling class, a number which dwindled to five by the time Anaxares became the Hierarch and later two by the Isseran campaign. After General Basilla killed Exarch-claimant Honorion, only Exarch-claimant Prodocious remained. It’s not been confirmed but the Exarch likely has complete control over the city - not unlike a tryant or a monarch.


Not much of Penthes' forces have been seen, as they were eliminated early in the League's civil war. They were mentioned to be somewhat capable, given that they never lost a war against Bellerophan, but given Bellerophan's weak army that is not much of an achievement.

Their foot soldiers were mentioned to be equipped with long mail shirts of good quality, crested helms with full cheek guards and oval shields. Their spears were shorter than those used by Stygia, being only about the height of a man, and they used long-shafted axes instead of swords as a secondary weapon.