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"She was a Poisoner, and when she finally admitted it to herself the world shivered to the sound of her damnation."
―Five Stories[1]

The Poisoner is an Evil Name. The Name is first introduced in Book 6.[2]


While making poisons, the Poisoner finds a knack for making her own poisons, even those written on no pages.

The feeling is described "as if there was something guiding her hand, and it was the same when she was attempting to find servants and kinsmen who would turn on a target."[1]

Even before settling into the Name, the Poisoner has killed by baking and serving two pastries full of nightshade.[1]

The Poisoner is able to turn mix Manticore venom with blood and rhododendro, turning it into a powerful acid.[2]

Known Holders[]

Angelique: A plump and smiling middle-aged woman, she has red plump cheeks with watery eyes and an impressively creepy titter.[2]

Angelique begins her road to being the Poisoner after paying for her brother-in-law, Henri, to be poisoned with arsenic in his ale. She fully comes into her Name while fleeing from the Saint of Swords.

Killed during the seige against Keter by the Hawk. [3]