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"She had won them, she would keep them. And the officers of the Thirteenth, on their knees, spoke their oaths to the princess of Callow. And with every oath the world shivered, until the same rebel who’d once fought a throne now swore to another. Jeremiah Holt spoke his oath, and when he swore to the princess of Callow the whole of Creation bore witness. Vivienne shivered too, the weight of the pivot pressing down on all our shoulders."
―Book 7 - Chapter 19: Vivienne's Plan[1]

Princess is a heroic name.



Known Holders[]

Vivienne Dartwick: Former Thief and the only heroic member of the Woe, Vivienne gained her Name by convincing the 13th Legion to return to Kingdom of Callow. She was at one point the regent of callow and is currently set to reign once Catherine Foundling abdicates. She already handles much of the functions of Callow's ruler.