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The Princess of High Noon, Sulia, is a Fae princess of the Summer Court. She is a god.

She is tall, with hair like fire and swirls of heat around her.[1]


The Arcadian Campaign (Book 3)[]

Sulia attacked southern Callow along with the Summer Court.[2]

Catherine pretended to be her during her scheme against the Duke of Violent Squalls

Sulia and the Prince of Deep Drought fought Larat. The Woe then fought and Imprisoned Sulia.[3]


As a fae royal, Sulia is extremely powerful, Catherine considered her to be stronger than Larat, another fae royal. Sulia could use Category:Magic. She can create and manipulate flames, and can create wings on her back.

Sulia is a swordswoman. She was able to match Catherine, Indrani, and Hakram of the Howling Wolves all fighting her at once.


The Princess of High Noon's domain took the form of a field full of ashes, with the Sun of Arcadia burning down on it. It was mentioned that Sulia only called upon her domain to being an end to Winter. Within it, Sulia's strength was restored and she could burn all that set foot within it with the Sun of Arcadia.