"Procerans have always been the villains in our plays, scheming Alamans and grasping Arlesites. Given our history this is understandable, my Strategos, but you and I know the truth of of it. The Principate is the final line of defence between Calernia and Evil. Two millennia they have kept the Dead King on his shore of the northern lakes and even longer have they turned back the ratling plague, without aid or succour from the rest of the continent. When Procer fails, the light of civilization dims and the monsters all get a little closer to our homes."
―Eleusia Vokor, Nicean ambassador to the Principate[1]
The Principate of Procer, referred to also as "the Principate" or simply "Procer" is the biggest and most populous polity on Calernia that lies to the west of Callow. It is a Good polity and that sees itself as the bulwark against Evil despite of it's long history of wars with neighbors alligned with both Good and Evil. It is currently ruled by First Prince Cordelia Hasenbach and the capital is Salia.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Principate is said to have been founded after both the Dread Empire and the Kingdom of Callow. It was part of the lands conquered by Dread Empress Triumphant.

Modern Era Edit

The Principate erupted into a civil war that lasted two decades simultaneously with the beginning of the Praesi annexation of Callow. Assassin is implied to have triggered it by assassinating the First Prince of the time, at the behest of Black Knight.

Ethnicities/Races Edit

We've only ever seen humans from the Principate, and the inhabitants are said to be divided in three ethnic groups: the Alamans, Arlesites and Lycaonese. Cordelia Hasenbach and her uncle Klaus are both Lycaonese, respective rulers of their principalities. The three groups speak different languages, Chantant for the Alamans, Tolesian for the Arlesites and Reitz for the Lycaonese. There are cultural tensions between the three groups, with Lycaonese considering the southerners weak, unprepared and prone to showing off, while the southerners consider the Lycaonese to be brutes and savages.

Geography Edit

The Principate is the second-largest nation on Calernia, after the Kingdom Under. It is significantly bigger than the next surface nation.

Principalities Edit

Rhenia: Northernmost principality, bordering the Chain of Hunger. Ruled by Prince Cordelia Hasenbach (Book 1 - present)

Hannoven: Borders both the Chain of Hunger and Kingdom of the Dead. Ruled by Prince Klaus 'Iron Prince' Papenheim (Book 1 - present)

Breman: Connected to Hannoven and Rhenia by Twilight's Pass and the Rhenian Gates respectively. Ruled by Prince Manfred Reitzenburg (Book 1 - 5), Prince Gude Reitzenburg (Book 5), Prince Elsa Reitsenburg (Book 5) and Prince Otto 'Redcrown' Reitzenburg (Book 5 - present)

Neustria: Southernmost Lycaonese principality. Ruled by Princess Mathilda 'Greensteel' (Book 1 - present)

Brus: Alamans principality that borders the Lycaonese principalities. Ruled by Prince Amaury Goethal (Before Book 1) and Prince Frederic 'Kingfisher Prince' Goethal (Book 1 - present)

Lyonis: Principality on the edge of Lake Pavin. Ruled by Prince Fabian Louvroy (Before Book 1) and Princess Sophie Louvroy (Book 1 - 5)

Cleves: A very fortified principality on the edge of the Tomb. It, Hainaut and Hannoven border the Kingdom of the Dead. Ruled by Prince Gaspard Langevin (Book 1 - present)

Hainaut: A principality with a long, craggy coast on the edge of the Tomb. Ruled by Princess Julienne Volignac (Book 1 - 5) and Princess Beatrice Volignac (Book 5 - present)

Brabant: Northern Alamans principality bordering Cleves and Hainaut. Ruled by Prince Etienne (Book 1 - present)

Lange: A principality that borders Salia and is dependent on it for trade. Ruled by Prince Dagobert Griffeu (Before Book 1), Dagobert's nephew (Before Book 5) and Princess Bertille Griffeu (Book 5)

Aisne: A principality south of Brabant and east of Salia. Ruled by Princess Constance (Before Book 1), Princess Clotilde (Book 1 - present)

Arans: One of the three easternmost principalities. First Prince Cordelia Hasenbach ordered the creation of a pass, known as the Stairway, between it and northern Callow in Book Four. Ruled by Prince Ariel (Book 1 - present)

Salia: Capital of the Principate of Procer, seat of the First Prince and location of the Highest Assembly. Ruled by First Prince Cordelia Hasenbach (Book 1 - present)

Bayeux: One of the three easternmost principalities. Connected to Callow by the Red Flower Vales. Ruled by Prince Arsene (Book 1 - present)

Cantal: Southernmost Alamans principality. Known to have close ties with the principality of Iserre. Ruled by Prince Arnaud Brogloise (Book 1 - 5)

Segovia: Northernmost Arlesite principality on Calernia's west coast. One of Procer's largest seaports. Ruled by Princess Luisa (Before Book 1) and Prince Alejandro (Book 4 - present)

Creusens: One of the Northern Arlesite principalities. It, Segovia and Iserre are known to have close ties with the Alamans principalities, such that their rulers were mentioned to have been 'raised Alamans'. Ruled by Prince Louis Rohanon (Book 1 - 5)

Orne: One of the three easternmost principalities. Connected to Callow by the Red Flower Vales. Ruled by Unnamed Princess (Before Book 1), Princess Adeline's brother (Book 1 - 3) and Princess Adeline (Book 4 - present)

Iserre: One of the wealthiest and most populated Arlesite principalities. It, Orne, Salamans and Tenerife border the Waning Woods. Ruled by Prince Amadis Milenan (Book 1 - 5)

Orense: Principality that borders the Dominion of Levant. Ruled by Prince Rodrigo Trastanes (Book 1 - 5)

Aequitan: One of the principalities, alongside Salamans, Iserre, Cantal, Salia, Lange and Creusens on the shore of Lake Artoise. Ruled by Princess Aenor Malanza (Before Book 1) and Princess Rozala Malanza (Book 1 - present)

Valencis: Second southernmost principality. Borders the Titanmachy. Ruled by Princess Leonor (Book 1 - 5)

Salamans: One of the southernmost principalities. Has close ties with the principality of Tenerife. Ruled by Prince Alvaro (Book 1 - 5) and Prince Renato (Book 5 - present)

Tenerife: Southernmost principality of Procer. Borders Helike and the Samite Gulf. Ruled by Princess Francesca (Book 1 - present)

Government Edit

Procer is a confederation consisting of twenty-four principalities. It's governed by Highest Assmebly of the ruling Princes of each principality. The Assembly elects a First Prince who then becomes the head of state. The First Prince has higher authority than the other princes but still needs the approval of the assembly for important decisions.

Foreign Relations Edit

Procer is hostile to the Dread Empire of Praes. Mainly because Praes is evil and the most powerful rival for continental hegemony.

Procer also has a hostile relationship with the Titanomachy, due to the aftermath of the betrayal and subsequent war known as the Humbling of the Titans.

Callow and the Dominion of Levant were both annexed by Procer for some time and do not remember this fondly. Their relationships are normally not outright hostile but very strained.

Ashur is responsible for the secession of Levant and the defence of its shores, as well as being a rival for power in the south, the two nations have a strained, but not outright hostile relationship.

The League of Free Cities distrusts Procer, as its expansionist policies were responsible for the creation of the League itself. Procer also sees Helike as a danger as it is occasionally evil and under Tyrant Theodosius once brutalised southern Procer.

Procer is always at war with the Chain of Hunger and the Kingdom of the Dead. Both conduct regular raiding expeditions into Procer.

Culture and Namelore Edit

Procer is mentioned to have surprisingly few Named. Their Named were mentioned to rarely leave their homelands and travel abroad. The Wandering Bard mentions that this was due to the Dead King and Dread Empress Triumphant, may she never return, having shaped Procer to be that way after running roughshod over it. Notably, after the Truce at Salia, many Named began emerging at an extremely high rate within the Principate.

As sorcery is distrusted in the Principate, there are overwhelmingly more Villain mages than Heroes.

Named of the Principate of Procer:

  • Saint of Swords
  • Augur
  • Mirror Knight
  • Rogue Sorceror
  • Blade of Mercy
  • Forsworn Healer
  • Lone Sentinal
  • Drake Knight
  • Ghastly Marauder
  • Warden of the West (Potentially. Rejected by Cordelia Hasenbach)
  • First Prince (Potentially. Rejected by Cordelia Hasenbacj)
  • Kingfisher Prince
  • Stained Sister
  • Scorched Apostate
  • Stalwart Apostle
  • Harrowed Witch
  • Rapacious Troubadour
  • Hunted Magician
  • Pilfering Dicer
  • Forgetful Librarian
  • Wicked Enchanter
  • Red Axe
  • Bitter Blacksmith
  • Merry Monk
  • Fallen Monk

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