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Rafaella, commonly referred to as the Valiant Champion, joined Hanno's heroic band because she decided to face the Tyrant of Helike to defend other races from his onslaught. The Valiant Champion and the rest of Hanno's heroic band are later faced by the Calamities, who plan to slaughter the Heroes. The Champion graciously accepts facing the Captain as she believes victory will cause her to be renowned. She personally takes on the Captain, invigorated to fight a warrior whose record is preceded by songs.


Rafaella is cheerful and carefree, even in combat. She hails from an unknown civilization that feeds off of battle. She is a woman of few words and fails to understand higher thought process, a trait which infuriates the Hedge Wizard. Her Heroic nature does not mean she is motivated by good intentions, as she faces the Captain not solely for truth and justice, but also for the chance to slay a legendary warrior. She even voices how fond she was of gaining her name, smiling at the countless battles with other claimant. Despite her simple nature, she is determined to defend her friends and to stand against any who do harm to them.


The Champion gets along well with the rest of the Heroic band, with the exception of the Hedge Wizard, as her strange mannerisms and her speech are infuriating to the wizard. And even then, the two are shown to be in a love-hate relationship. The Champion will defend any of the members with very fiber of her being. The White Knight as well as the Ashen Priestess have recognized several times the contribution that the Champion offers to their group and she is a welcomed member.

The Valiant Champion also has a deep amount of respect for the Captain. The Villain was famous in Levant for her ability to kill, and this was not lost on the Champion, who wanted nothing other than to fight one on one with such a monster.


The champion is a short and sturdy. She is usually seen in full set of thick plate armor with a helmet resembling a snarling badger. She is always seen with a smile and wears a necklace of rings created from the swords of enemies she has slain. After the battle with the Captain in her beast form, Rafealla skins her, taking her as a cloak. She wears this memento with pride.


The Valiant Champion accompanied the Hedge Wizard, the Ashen Priestess, the Bard, and the White Knight to aid Delos against the forces of the Tyrant of Helike. The Tyrant almost succeeds in killing them, but they survive. The group later faces the Calamities, specifically the Black Knight, the Captain, and the Warlock. The group looses the battle, but survives to fight another day.

The Champion then fights against the Tyrant's forces once more. The Tyrant ends up being singled out and facing the Captain in one on one combat. Despite being enemies, the Valiant Champion harbored a great deal of respect for Captain. There were many stories that told of her the vileness. It was the Champion's greatest pride to not only avenge the Ashen Priestess but to claim the hide of the villain that had killed so many of her fellow chosen and many more innocents.


The Valiant Champion is a martial Name that strengthens the user as well as enhances their speed. The Champion is extremely durable, allowing her to have her bones broken yet continue fighting. Her Name is more suited for brawls then long distance or magical skirmishes. Thus, she is at home when defending key points in a fortress or being in the middle of a bloody battle. Her Name also seems to feed off of the attention of others. This can be seen by her Rally aspect which strengthens herself as well as allied soldiers that surround her with energy. Her Name is also tied to her weapon as well as armor. Each one of her Aspects either empowers these armaments or she is required to hold a weapon to use her abilities to the utmost power.

Thus far the Name has revealed all three Aspects which each strengthen the user : Oppose, Rally, and Exalt.

Oppose: Counters any strike launched at the Champion with her weapon imbuing a swing with an incredible power.

Rally: The Named as well as surrounding allies are imbued with energy that spreads to both their armor as well as their weapons. This energy provides greater strength and speed.

Exalt: Transport the user as well as a single enemy to a pocket dimension. The dimension gives the user greater strength and speed. The champions domain is a vast arena (most likely where she probably gained her name). While in the arena, the sound of cheers and clapping can be heard. The Champion's control over the domain is directly tied to her own health, as with each hit that Rafaella takes, the domain trembles.