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Tavern in Laure, where Catherine Foundling worked as a server. The owner's name is Harrion. It is located near the lakeside.[1]

Constructed from wood recovered from wrecked ships, the Rat's Nest is a rickety multi-story building with dirt floors and a fire pit in the center. The second floor has four rooms, two for Harrion and his son, two for renting.[1]

The Owner offered to give the tavern to Catherine after his death if she married his son.[2]

The Rat's Nest was mostly patronised by legionaires and dockworkers.

The Rat's Nest serves cheap ale[3]


Owner: Harrion

Leyran: Harrion's son, thought of himself as a charmer, spent more time talking than working.
Catherine Foundling: An orphan and pitfighter, Catherine would later go on to join the Legions of Terror.

Minstrel: Ellerna is a minstrel Harrion hired.