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The Ratlings are a species of bipedal rat-like creatures that inhabits the land of what is known as the Chain of Hunger. They are one of the most predominantly Evil races on the continent of Calernia.[1]

General Information[]

The ratlings seem to be divided among three vastly different groups, depending on their age and power:

  • The normal ratlings. According to Amadeus, an average rattling is physically weaker than a humans unless they've had several decades to grow.[2]
  • The Ancient Ones. These are huge, older specimens that are said to be as large as towers. They're often used as siege weapons and don't seem particularly intelligent.[3]
  • The Horned Lords. These are the most powerful of their species, to the point where they've been hunted by the Ranger. Presumably they're also the oldest. They're likely more intelligent than their younger brethren.[3]

It's possible that both the Horned Lords and the Ancient Ones are their equivalent of Named though it could equally be that they can evolve if they live long enough. Akua doesn't consider them intelligent to be capable of proper villainy and they don't appear to understand the concept of diplomacy.

During their raids on Procer they use poisoned barbed arrows and spears.[4]