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"Weak, your hatred is weak. I’ll show you what a real Named is like, you petty armoured bitch"
―Red Knight[1]

The Red Knight is an Evil Name. Its holder wears red plate armour, as befitting the Name. [1]


The Name is considered one of the finest killing Named by Catherine Foundling, capable of beating most Named in a fight.[2]

It is also regarded as one of the two physically strongest Named among those agreed to the Truce and the Terms during the war against the Dead King.[3] Capable of pulverizing stone with a swing, though the feat is not merely due to sheer strength.

The Red Knight is formidable enough to worry the Mirror Knight, a Name chosen to fight against the Prince of Bones, a Scourge of the Dead King, due to the Mirror Knight's strong defensive capabilities.

The Red Knight who participated in the War against Kere demonstrated an Aspect called Devour. This Aspect is the reason why the Red Knight is highly regarded as a threat.[4]

The Aspect is described as being capable of taking a bite out of nearly anything.[4] During the siege against Keter, Devour consumed a curse casted by the Mantle, causing the curse to disappear, and for the red plate armour to glimmer a deeper red.[1] The aspect can also be used to heal her by devouring necromancy from a group of undead.[5]

Known Holders[]

Unnamed woman: Participated in the War against Keter, agreeing to the Truce and the Terms. She wears bright red plate armour, a helmet forged to look like a grinning devil, and has weapons strapped on her back. Described as "almost seven feet tall and broad as a barn door". [1]

Attempted to become Below's representive for the Truce and Terms which was settled with a duel. When dueling against Indrani, the Red Knight fought to a narrow draw and blamed Pilfering Dicer for her loss.[4]

She does not get along well with others, nearly fighting Myrmidon in Cleves,[6] and did not have many allies,[7] or ability to show restraint in combat.[8]


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