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"“And what a talent fire can be. The element of passion, you know.”"

The Red Mage is a Name that commits fully to the offensive abilities of a mage.


The red mage comes from Ashuran, similar to the Heiress name it is most likely given to those of high standing who are also practitioners of magic. The mage is prone to wearing silk red garments, hinting at the name's leaning to those of high standing.


The name causes the bearer to posses a greater degree of offensive magic. Allowing them to disintegrate scorpion javelins in mid air it also allows them to due at mid range with a fae. despite these gifts the lack of defensive magic hinders the mage from prolonged battles against opponents that can weather the mages attacks. As the Red Mage, Lergo displayed the use of both fire and lightning magic.

However, the Name is not well versed in defensive magic such as erecting barries. As the Red Mage, Lergo had confessed to being incapable of even the most basic of shieldings.

Known Holders[]

Lergo: A member of a Band who had attempted to remove Catherine Foundling from power. Killed by Larat.