Power Level[edit | edit source]

The Red Mage is a name that commits fully to the offensive abilities of a mage. The name however is hindered in using defensive magic having trouble erecting barriers. Although this mage could do well in a well thought out shock and awe tactics surprising enemies with the full arsenal. the name would be suceptible to counter attacks or against melee opponents as well as projectiles. This means that even unnamed could pose a threat to the mage. So while offensively the name could pose a threat but with the lack of defensive power causes this name to be considered low in the power scale. The name is heroic in nature thus it is most likely able to truly shine when in the company of other heroes to compliment the offensive capabilities.

Role[edit | edit source]

The red mage comes from Ashuran, similar to the Heiress name it is most likely given to those of high standing who are also practitioners of magic. The mage is prone to wearing silk red garments, hinting at the name's leaning to those of high standing. It is unknown if the inheritor of the name must focus on offensive magic but previous names such as Hierophant and Diabolist hint that an individual's action and views have a large impact on the name that they receive thus I conclude that by focusing on offense relinquishing any time on defensive magic the name can be received at great cost.

Special Abilities[edit | edit source]

The name causes the bearer to posses a greater degree of offensive magic. Allowing them to disintegrate scorpion javelins in mid air it also allows them to due at mid range with a fae. despite these gifts the lack of defensive magic hinders the mage from prolonged battles against opponents that can weather the mages attacks. Lergo displayed the use of both fire and lightning magic although the name was unable to use any aspects it is clear based on the role that these would have helped with destroying an opponent or augmenting the names already powerful offensive capabilities.

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