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"Stygians. What else can be expected, even from one claiming repentance?"
―the Myrmidon

The Repentant Magister is a heroic Name that comes from Stygia. The most recent holder was Nephele.


The Name appears to be a rebellious Name that contrasts with the dominant Evil culture of Stygia. According to the White Knight, the holder "renounced the sorceries you were taught" and "spurned everything she was raised to embrace"[1] , implying that the Name occurred due to a moral conflict with the slavery and evil.   


It is a mage Name that has demonstrated the use of enchantments, clairvoyance, and healing magic.

While not an impressive combat mage she was an extremely talented healer and capable of making artefacts that more than made up for her lacking offensive spellcraft.

Known Holders[]

Nephele Eliade A member of the Tenth Crusade as well as the Grand Alliance, Nephele was a signatory of the Truce and the Terms.

Descibed as the "very painting of what people thought of when talking of a Free Cities beauty". Nephele was a supple and curvy woman, face was sharp in cast and her nose strong, with pale grey eyes and luxurious long dark hair. She also had a highborn look to her, in the way she stood and spoke and usually wore tight velour dresses with dipping necklines. While speaking, Nephele's stygian accent sounded like silk in the ear with a smooth, throaty voice.

Hailing from Stygia, Nephele was born into the highest reaches of the Magisterium of Stygia. Her family, the Eliades, remained one of the most influential families in the city-state to this day.

As the Repentant Magister, Nephele was the foremost authority on the Dead King’s necromantic constructs. Even Akua had expressed admiration when she’d read her work on ghouls.

She was killed at the Arsenal by Catherine Foundling, as an act of mercy after being corrupted by a Demon of Terror.

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