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Revenants is the term for the dead Named that the Dead King has killed and controlled through the use of Necromancy. There seems to be no restrictions on which Names can become Revenants, with both Named heroes and villains being risen. The Dead King then has the ability to either directly control them or allow them some degree of freedom.


The undead Named retain most of their abilities that they had while alive. However, certain abilities seem to be subverted such as the Stitcher's healing turning into creating necromantic abominations[1], and Mantle's ability to use Light turning into the ability to use curses[2]. The Dead King appears to have the ability to destroy aspects of Named, such as the aspect that he destroyed in the Thief of Stars.[3] While other revenants, such as the Spellblade, were raised without the ability to use all three aspects.

Free will is varied among the revenants, with a spectrum ranging from the mindless obedience of the Black Sickle, to the nearly perfect consciousness on the Drake. Most fall between, with those with the majority of their personalities intact being exceedingly rare. Those with more personality tend to be more quick-witted and resourceful, though more easily distracted and occasionally making objectively poor decisions. Still, all are bound to obey the Dead King’s directives and direct control can be assumed over them.

Notable Persons[]


This is the term for the deadliest Revenants that serve in the Dead King's army during the War against Keter. As stated by Hanno:

‘ Of all the Scourges, that one had proved the hardest to put down save perhaps the Prince of Bones. Not that ‘Scourges’ were a formal band of any kind, mind you. They were, in essence, a loose designation for the Revenants that the heroes fighting on the lakeside fronts found to be the greatest threats. Each among the greatest of their kinds, they were considered to require either a full band of five or one of the greatest champions of the Grand Alliance to handle. Who actually counted among their number was the subject of lively campfire debate, though there were at least ten that all agreed on.

Nine now, Hanno mentally corrected, if word about the Stitcher being destroyed by the Firstborn was to be believed.’

Known members are:

The Prince of Bones — Legend says it was once an ancient Iron King, perhaps even the legendary Lone Sentinel, Albrecht Papenheim. Now leader of the Grey Legion, Keter’s finest troops. Considered the hardest Scourge to kill, and powerful enough to kill the Summoner, Rapacious Troubadour, Young Slayer and Silent Guardian within moments.

The Stitcher — A healer once, her powers corrupted into creating a castle-sized body of flesh she pilots. Destroyed by Mighty Vesena the Spear-Biter.

The Hawk — Once an Archer. Skilled in sniping and considered the most lethal Scourge, as she has an aspect that allows her to kill anything, even someone as absurdly durable as the Mirror Knight, with mundane arrows. Took Catherine’s left eye during the Battle of Hainaut.

The Mantle — A priestess of some sort, her Light corrupted into curses, counters Night.

The Drake— A warrior with a claymore, can regenerate from the smallest piece of flesh and take over other bodies. Considered the chattiest revenant by Cat. Destroyed by the Grey Pilgrim during the Battle of Hainaut.

The Wolfhound — Hardest to kill after the Prince of Bones. Has the lowest bodycount of the Scourges as he is usually a bodyguard for another Scourge, whom does the heavy hitting. Known parings include Hawk, Mantle, Archmage or Varlet. Destroyed by the Barrow Sword in the Battle of the Ruins.

The Archmage (Tumult) — Called the Archmage by Heroes, Tumult by Villains. A destructive sorcerer, capable of matching the Witch of Woods and Hierophant in combat. It prefers to surround itself with a storm for both offence and defence. Has mastery of an impossibly broad range of magic. In truth, it is a corpse with multiple spellcaster souls stitched onto it, allowing it to use many theories and fields of magic, but only one at a time. Can steal souls as well, as shown when it tried to bind Akua to itself. An oversoul, possibly the body’s original soul, provides control and direction. The oversoul was stolen by Akua, but it still remained a potent combatant capable of matching Antigone.

The Unseelie (Seelie)— A Revanant that uses an enchantment called 'fascination', which can beguile even Named. Described by Catherine as a 'mind control fairy' and had clashed with Hanno once.

The Varlet — Once bore the Name of Thief or a similar cousin Name, a deadly assassin and stealth expert, killed General Hune, Catherine destroyed two of its aspects in retaliation. Destroyed by Vivienne Dartwick after it tried to assassinate her during the Battle of Hainaut.

The Axeman (Pale Knight)— Called Axeman by Heroes in Cleves, the Pale Knight by Catherine. Once a White Knight named Adehard Barthen. Wields greataxes and wears a suit of plate immune to Light, sorcery and Night. Killed Zombie the Third and Beastmaster. Destroyed by Archer using an Unraveller during the Battle of Hainaut.

Keter Palace Guardians[]

These are the six Revenants that are assigned to guard the five palaces (and the region of Arcadia between them) in what was once the wealthier districts of Keter. It is hinted that they are assigned to these as both an ironic punishment and because they are effective in their role. Known guardians and the palaces they are assigned to are:

Threefold Reflection: The Skein. It’s oracular abilities allow it to see through any plot to harm itself or the inhabitants of its palace. Given domain over the Threefold Reflection as the mutable palace acts as a labyrinth, allowing it to set ambushes at will. Predecessor was the Bloody Sword.

Silent Palace: The Thief of Stars. A skilled thief and stealth expert. Once attempted to rob the Silent Palace while living, and bound to it in death as an ironic punishment.

The Garden of Crowns: The Good King. All servants in the Garden of Crowns are royalty, hence the assignment of the Good King as it’s guardian.

Arcadia: The Spellblade. Son of the Forever King, utterly lethal in direct combat. Can shut down gates between Arcadia and Creation. Assigned to guard an area of Arcadia with zero cover and no retreat,

List of named Revenants[]

  1. Black Sickle
  2. Sage of the West
  3. White Knight
  4. Plague-Maker