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"You have abused your power. You no longer deserve to hold it."
―the Rogue Sorcerer

A Good Name related to magic. The Rogue Sorcerer identifies as a practicioner of the Gift, rather than a scholar, admitting a lack of understanding behind magic.


The Rogue Sorcerer's story is to take and keep and use, though he would never become what he had risen to correct. He would take only from those deserving: those who misused their talents, the gifts the Gods had given them.


The Rogue Sorcerer is able to use sorcery from every extant theory of magic without going stark-raving mad. [1] Largely unprecedented, as at best one of the Gifted would borrow insights from other approaches to sorcery, as delving deep into another after already being taught tended to learn to severe mental sicknesses as well as deeper spiritual weaknesses. The Rogue Sorcerer is able to do so due to his Aspect (Use) that shields him from the backlash inherent in genuinely believing often fundamentally opposing facts about magic, the same that allows him to flawlessly wield any sort of magical artefact he touched.

When using Use, to the Rogue Sorcerer it feels like sandpaper against his insides, his very soul rubbed raw and bloody. [2] Further use of the Aspect worsens the Rogue Sorcerer's precision. He begins to no longer properly seize artefacts or sorcery, sometimes fumbling and losing a precious few moments before finally succeeding. [3]

The magic the Rogue Sorcerer Confiscates is described as a "small orb". The Rogue Sorcerer has control over how much of the confiscated magic is used. Using up the confiscated magic completely depletes it as a resource.

A drawback of Confiscate is that tThe Rogue Sorcerer might die or go mad, if he took too much of power within him – especially power alien as that of the fae.

Known Holders[]

Roland de Beaumarais: Participating in the Tenth Crusade as both as a combatant and a strategist, Roland eventually becomes a member of the Grand Alliance and a signatory of the Truce and the Terms.

As the Rogue Sorcerer, his two Aspects revealed are: Confiscate, and Use.