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Sabah is a Taghrebi woman that is part of the Calamities with the name of Captain. Her role is a supporting name to the Black Knight.


Sabah is a Taghrebi who used to be the Cursed before becoming Captain. She has since joined the Praesi army choosing to follow Black no matter the situation she is a special combative force that is used to subjugate any opposition within her path. Many stories have been told of her ferocity either as the Beast or for her efforts as the Captain. Along with defeating troops she has also participated in many hero hunts viewing the White Knight's band of heroes as child's play. It is to the point where she can even rate their effectiveness and determine their development. Although she understood that the current band of heroes were easy to deal with, as noted in her battle with the Champion it only would take a couple of battles for them to be a threatening force to the Calamities.


Sabah is usually calm and devoted to Amadeus. She is noted to be a private person that can be maternal and bicker with the best.


She is one of the Calamities and specially devoted to Amadeus. Amadeus was the only figure that could quell the anger of Sabah when she assumed her wolf form.

Sabah has a husband, Amna, who is a bureaucrat in Ater. They have two children.


She is over eight feet tall, olive skinned and more muscular than an orc. Sabah is described by Catherine to have a brutish face, with strong nose and deep-set blue eyes, and delicate eyelashes.

While on mission to the Free Cities in Book 3, Sabah is described to wear a studded earring in her left ear that is glinting with sorcery. This was used to keep in communication with the other Calamities.[1]

Captain is usually seen in a full plate, although often without a helmet.

Powers []

Sabah has a powerful name that although supporting the Black Knight is still a stand alone power she was able to face two heroes by herself as well as rip the chest out of an orc god.

Sabah is a physical enforcer her power is drawn not just from her name but also from a curse placed on her by a Warlock. Despite not having the Cursed name she is still able to access the beast form through the allowance of black. She keeps in constant contact with the Black Knight through an enchanted ear ring. It is unknown if her size or her curse.

Thus far the only aspect has been revealed: Obey and Unleash

Obey: Able to draw upon increased power through the direct orders from the Black Knight.

Unleash: Allows Sabah to transform into a lycanthropic form however she is able to control the beast as if it were an extension of power rather than completely in control over her sense. By delving deeper into this aspect she can further enhance the beast powers however this also comes with a loss in sane decisions. The beast provides enhanced strength and agility as well as regeneration that can replace limbs.