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"The Gift was only cultivated two ways in Ashur: healers and ship mages. Ashuran mage-doctors could take the slightest ember of life and turn it into haleness, making Praesi attempts at healing look like the fumbling of children. Their sailing-mages could quiet storms or craft them, steal sunken ships from the depths and ride the tides."
Warlock of Calamities[1]

Sabarathan theory of magic is an ancient framework developed by the Baalite Hegemony and iterated over by the Thalassocracy of Ashur. It’s particularly well suited for healing and sailing. It’s largely ineffective outside of these areas due to its age.[2] Its spell formulas are entirely different to what’s used in Praes.[3]


Sabarathan magic does not lend itself to rituals or mages working together in large groups.[4][2]

Warlock describes it as inflexible and Masego as narrow in scope. Nonetheless, it’s without peer in its two specializations: healing and sailing. It emphasizes natural talent over skill and intellect.[2]


  • A working that creates a mirage capable of covering an entire fleet. Unlike a typical Praesi illusion or fae glamour it’s almost a natural phenomenon, making it much harder to detect but also maintain.[4]
  • A spell to manipulate large quantities of water into giant, spinning drills, possibly hardening the liquid for extra impact.[4]
  • It’s capable of temporarily submerging a fleet underwater to protect them from waves.[2]
  • It can be used to create and manipulate storms.[2]
  • Healing magic is capable of bringing a person from a brink of death.[2]
  • Used to navigate even treacherous waters at night.[4]