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The Sage of the West is a martial name from Levant that is aligned with Good.

Role []

The Role seems to lean heavily towards mythical monks, who abstain from using weapons and earthly riches. Hence why the Named only used leather wraps around their hand and does not wear shoes. The user is a strong supporter of good hence why she sought out evil and was eventually indoctrinated to the Undead Kingdom.


User has enhanced martial arts skill. As a result of using hand to hand combat the user must rely heavily on strength and speed. When facing opponents who use weapons the use of hand to hand combat might become a weakness, but the name offers defensive abilities such as hardening skin to the toughness of steel.

Known Holders[]

Unnamed Revenant: Tall and massively built, the woman had no weapons but for stripes of leather around her knuckles and wore no armour, but a threadbare tunic. Used as a guard for the Dead King. Had an Aspect that helped turn her skin harder than steel.

Killed by the Ranger while visiting the Dead King. [1]

Armaranta Viegle: Recalled by Hanno, a woman who had lived long ago and spent a lifetime studying the Light. A major influence in the shape the Lanterns took in the centuries after and died at the age of ninety-three, fighting a dragon with her bare fists. [2]