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A heroic Name, currently participating in the Tenth Crusade. Revered as a hero among heroes, has a reputation as an experienced combatant and to survive this long the hero has trained extensively.

Power Level[]

The Saint is an offensive name that can cut through large groups of soldiers with little effort. A name that is on par with Catherine's winter mantle besting her on several occasions. While primarily dangerous in close combat the Saint has shown the ability to attack enemies from long range. Despite the overwhelming abilities the true extent of the name is hindered by the age of the wielder. This is an inherent weakness of all heroes as the age with time. Thus aspects are heavily limited or in fact never used in battle. The handicap causes the Saint to rely on the natural abilities of the name as well as her experience.


The Saint of Swords is compared many times to a blade. Over time the Saint has sharpened her senses to the point that the wielder was able to form a greater attachment with creation. The very soul of the Saint has been formed into a blade, likened to a domain. Thus the Saint more than most names has been used as heaven's weapon. The Saint is able to feel the pull of creation sensing future stories, creation of heroic bands. The Saint is at home when facing armies of enemies with the heavens backing her. Thus all the violence she commits is confirmed and encouraged, allowing a clear conscience. The Saint is most often used by the Heavens to clean up particular cases that warrant force over negotiation.

Special abilities[]

The Saint is extremely powerful, able to trade full-strength blows with Catherine's Winter form without great effort. The Name is geared towards combat and lacks ability to support other heroes, or any defensive aspects. The pure focus of the name does afford the individual with a clear advantage in duels or open battlefields, but it truly shines when the name can depend on others to cover inherent weakness.She has the passive ability of having transformed herself into a living domain. It is implied that the ability may once have been an independent aspect similar to Cat's Fall, but over time was refined into become a permanent characteristic of her soul. Her status as a living domain makes her mostly immune to oracular abilities, giving her a distinct advantage when sent by the Heavens to kill a villain with some form of future-sight. It also allows her to cut through nearly anything, including the fabric of Creation itself, which creates razor sharp slices in the air which can even be used as stepping stones for her to maneuver with in combat. Aspects: Sever, Listen, Decree