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"But the most dangerous villain I ever faced was my first: an alchemist so sickly he could barely hold a sword."
―Saint of Swords

A villain who first appeared during the begining of the Saint of Swords' career.


Using alchemical means, the Salutary Alchemist helps others extend their life.


The Salutary Alchemist was mentioned to have been able to create a variety of potions to heal and strengthen. These potions were potent enough to be used by Named, and the Salutary Alchemist is brilliant enough to create a potion to extend one's lifespan within five years, while only experimenting on animals. The Name was also only a year away from creating an elixer of immortality. [1]

Known Holders[]

Unamed man: The Salutary Alchemist was granted his name through unknown means, and proceeded to experiment on kidnapped criminals to improve his potion making skills. When he was sixteen or seventeen, he was found by the Saint of Swords, but was let go and forced to experiment on animals only. He proceeded to follow this command for 5 years before returning to his old ways of experimenting on humans. He was discovered by the Prince of Valencis who helped in finding human test subjects in return for useful potions. He was then killed by the Saint of Swords.