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Sapan is a young Ashuran mage who rose to prominence as the Apprentice, and a student of Masego.


Originating from Ashur, Sapan was originally studying wanting to be the Silver Mage, but abandoned the healing spells when her mentor got killed during the sack of Smyrna. After signing onto the Truce and Terms she has picked up a number of fast and easy war magics. While simple, Sapan's spells are also swift and highly destructive, and Catherine Foundling believes it'd take a revenant to trouble her.[1][2]

During the war against Keter, Catherine assigns Sapan as Hakram Deadhand's bodyguard, after he is injured in the Arsenal.

During the battle of Hainaut, she teams up with the Squire and Page, with the team killing at least one revenant.[3]

Sapan uses Sabrathan magic.


"The Ashuran was young, and her face of a cast too hard for people to call it pretty." [4] Catherine also described her as "a girl in dusty mages robes with a bony face". [5]