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"He knew this, objectively, by the ways he had been taught. Without the staff and the bound spirits within, Sargon could not tear open the earth. Only… Are you seeking change, or just to add a rung below you on the ladder? Nothing words from a child reeking of angels, he had been ready to dismiss, but then Sargon had looked in the White Knight’s eyes and seen faith.

It had burned then and it burned now.
―Catherine Foundling[1]

Sargon Isaru is a dwarven hero from the Kingdom Under.


Sargon was part of the Isaru, a dwarven family that had been land kings centuries ago. They sought to rise in prestige once more by building a Great Forge, but their attempt to bind a Soul of Fire failed, destroying several districts and any hopes of their rise to power. The beauty of the Soul of Fire led Sargon to becoming the Herald of the Deeps.[1]

Book 4[]

Sargon led the Fourteenth Expansion to colonize the Empire Ever Dark. After a short period of conflict with the Drow he captured Catherine Foundling.[2] Following this meeting he was able to complete this goal without further bloodshed.