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"My gift is death"

The Scorched Apostate is an Evil Name.


The Name is given to those who while originally devout in their beliefs, end up losing their faith in some manner. The Scorched adjective refers Tancred's scars, gained in the course of combating the plague spread by the Dead King.

Like most villainous Named, the Scorched Apostate has a heroic mirror, the Stalwart Apostle.


As the Scorched Apostate, Tancred had an eye for recognizing a magically seeded disease, the ability to wield highly concentrated light and flame in short bursts while losing control of it upon release. He was also a born mage, one of great power, having torn through a village while so unschooled. One first inspection, the Scorched Apostate's magic is a close mimicry to Light.

Known Holders[]

Tancred: Tancred came into his Name after having lost faith in Above, finding the will to combat the plague spread by the Dead King. He was assassinated by the Dead King while sleeping.