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Scourges are a designation for the Revenants that the Named fighting on the lakeside fronts in the war against the Dead King found to be the greatest threats. [1]

They are the strongest and hardest to kill among the Revenants and are considered to require either a full band of five or one of the greatest champions of the Grand Alliance to handle. ‘The Scourges can kill Named’ is the bedrock of the story made about them. [2]

While there are at least ten that all agreed on, the matter of who belongs to the group is hotly debated.


Prince of Bones[]

The leader of the Grey Legion, an army of undead whose ancient bones had been surrounded by a body of wrought iron and steel. He is encased layers upon layers of enchanted metal moved by the necromancy buried safely deep within and thus is extremely hard to kill. He can close still forming Twilight Gates. He is strong enough to toss rocks the size of small houses and capable of functioning even without his head.

According to Lycaonese legend, he was an ancient Iron King slain by the Dead King. In actuality, the Prince of Bones is Albrecht Papenheim, the Lone Sentinel, who’d held Twilight’s Pass with only a bare bones garrison for a year even as an Alamans foray into Bremen was driven out. [3]

The Prince of Bones was described as a hulking shape of steel, like half a dozen armours had swallowed slightly smaller ones, leaving only a monstrous golem with the outline of a man. His face was a mask of steel, frowning sternly with eyes that were sculpted. Not a hole anywhere on him, only shifting layers of steel and the large greatsword he held in a single hand. [4]

The drawback wearing heavy armour made the Princes of Bones slow, especially in broken terrain.

Killed by the Warlord.

Pale Knight/Axeman[]

Adehard Barthen, formerly the White Knight. He uses axes and pale plate armor. He either has enchanted armor or an aspect related to remaining unmarred. Light, magic, Night and steel do not seem to affect him. He often serves as leader among not only Revenants but also the lesser dead.

Despite his defences, the Pale Knight has trouble dealing with pure strength. Which is why he avoids fighting the Red Knight and the Myrmidon.

Killed by Indrani at Hainut. [5]


A Revenant armored from head to toe, with a sculpted helmet of iron in the shape of a wolfhound's head. [6] He can see through illusions and can weaken the effect of Aspects and magic. While he has one of the strongest defenses among the Scourges, he does not have a particularly great offense, which is why he is usually partnered with another Scourge, so far, the Hawk, the Mantle and the Varlet. [7]

The Wolfhound also posseses an unnamed Aspect that is described as a ripple, allowing him to blow back opponents around him. [8]

Killed by the Barrow Sword during the Battle of the Ruins. [9]


A ranged Name with an aspect to simply 'kill'. [10] She is weak up close and tends to retreat in close ranged combat with Named. Believed by Hanno to had been an Archer while alive. [11] She shoots arrows during dramatic times, such as in the middle of a character's sentence or during a moment of victory being celebrated by her opponent.

Killed by the Ranger.


A Revenant with extremely powerful regeneration. Despite being incinerated to the point where a single hand was left, the Drake was able to walk out of the battlefield on two feet. [12] Catherine Foundling judged his regeneration to surpass what her body had been able to do at the peak of her time holding Winter. [13] The Drake is also able to possess another living body through physical contact, using the skill as a survival technique. [14] He wields a claymore. [15]

Killed by Tariq, the Grey Pilgrim, at Hainaut. [16]


A Revenant who had once been a priestess while she lived. In death those gifts had turned towards the use of curses. [17] She is heavily armoured and twice the size of Catherine Foundling. [18] The Mantle cannot move the heavy armour without the help of something like an enchantment. The drawback of wearing heavy armour made the Mantle slow, especially in broken terrain.

The Mantle's helm is described as "an impressive piece, covering her entire face in lengths of steel save for two downwards eye slits. The spikes that went past the crown of her head almost evoked the shape of a crown".

The Mantle has a weakness against Light, at least great quantities of it, but was capable of hamstringing practitioners. [19] One of her limitations is needing to move while casting curses.

The Mantle is strong enough taking a hit of the Mantle’s mace on the side of the face would cause most Named to die. One of the exceptions being the Red Knight who lost a few teeth. [20] One of her favourite tricks is to drench the world in darkness for her target while retaining vision for herself.

It is noted that the Mantle is one of the few Scourges that does not talk.

Killed by the Ranger.


A spellcaster on par with Masego and Antigone. It is fond of using storms and weather. The Revenant possesses an impossibly broad variety of masteries in magic. [21] This is made possible as the Revenant is a multitude of dead spellcaster souls stitched onto the same corpse, likely with an oversoul – perhaps the body’s original one – handling matters of control. [22]

Had a soul taken by Akua Sahelian through an enchanted dagger. [23]

Killed by the Warden.


The Revanant has calm red eyes and wears an ornate half-mask of jet and silver. [24] Possesses a cloak, an artefact that had a bit of resistance to everything but brute force. [25] Has three Aspects described as "one that was like an ever-shifting fang, another like utter stillness and the last… a hundred eyes, never blinking". [26] The first is Harm. So long as something drew breath, the aspect would birth something capable of killing it. [27]

Killed by Vivienne Dartwick at Hainut. [28]


A Revenant that manipulates flesh. She was often surrounded by the flesh of others. When fighting against the Drow, the Stitcher was described as "a castle-sized abomination made from the bodies of half a dozen horrors put together – the scales and bones of a dragon, what looked like the heads of at least three sea snakes, the heavy fur and leather of ratling Ancient Ones". [29] Difficult to be defeated.

She used to be a healer before being turned into a Revenant, according to Hanno. She was slain by Mighty Vesena.


A Revenant with the ability of mind-control through the use of spells. She uses a form of enchanment, described by Masego as 'fascination'. The spell is able to be removed from the victim, demonstrated by the Blade of Mercy excising the Seelie's spell out of the Daring Pyromancer. [30]

When enchanting, the Seelie manipulates her target to feel overwhelming love for her and leverages that to command her target. She is also capable of casting illusions.

One of the weapons the Seelie uses is a knife.

The Seelie was described as having an impossibly beautiful face. [31]

Killed by the Princess.

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