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Abridged Guide to Evil Wikia

The Scribe is a Praesi Name associated with managing the imperial bureaucracy.

Power Level[]

The Scribe is a non-combat Name. While the Name's holder is highly important and valuable, it is unlikely that they gain any particular ability to fight well.


The Scribe works behind the scenes to keep the Dread Empire running and ensure that whoever they choose to serve has access to whatever resources they need. They are ultimately responsible for the logistics and administration of the Empire, and may take on other jobs depending on the circumstances.

Special Powers[]

Which special powers of Eudokia are common among all Scribes or unique to her is unknown. Her Name is also very hard to detect, to the point that Catherine could only tell that Eudokia was Named because of the way Amadeus responded to her. She may or may not have further abilities to make others ignore and underestimate her. She has the possibly passive ability to appear non-descript, to the degree that the leader of the circle of thorns was unable to recall anything about her appearance bar her ink-stained hand even will looking at her.