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Second Liesse is the name given to the battle between the forces of the Diabolist , Akua Sahelian , and the Legions of Terror led by Catherine Foundling after the former used a ritual to making the city of Liesse fly, and turned the population into undead.

Preliminary Events[]

The events of second Liesse started when Catherine Foundling was in Arcadia for three months, gaining the tittle of Duchess of Moonless Nights in the process. During this time, the ruling council broke apart as two members staged a coup and Akua Sahelian, now the Diabolist, formerly the Heiress, assembled an army of ten thousand men, including mercenaries and praesi mages as well as twelve thousand devils and undead. During this time, a fae invasion of Callow was ongoing and Summer was attacking Liesse. In response, the Diabolist used a ritual powered by fae to lift the city into the air. It was especially interesting since the wasted power was extremely limited, being noted by the then Apprentice, Masego, that it might be the single most effective ritual in praesi history.

Later, after what would be known as the Arcadian War, a meeting was held between Catherine and Akua. Here, Akua revealed that she had access to a ritual known as Still Waters. A ritual which would allow her to turn all one hundred thousand people in Liesse to undead through alchemic means.